Papua Bear Limited Edition

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( PA - POO - AH ) 
Inside Indonesia's largest province  lies some of the world's most desirable coffees.
The Papua New Guinea (PNG) region is known for its rich terroir and production of its naturally  organic washed process coffees.
Once a year, when our favorite Bears come to town, Happy Monday will sample all the finest coffees from the PNG region and crown one Big Papa.
For the 2019 we have chosen Papua, New Guinea, Simbai Balus Kopi ( aka "airplane coffee" ) . A washed process typica varietal with notes of melon and caramel.  
Simbai Balus Kopi (Simbai Airplane Coffee) comes from the Simbai area, just over the Bismarck Range bordering the Western Highlands Province and Sepik Province. 
Since all coffee from Simbai is transported via plane, getting Simbai Balus Kopi is not easy. In order to access the supply chain Simbai farmers must bring their coffee to an airstrip; some farmers have a day’s journey from their farm to the airfields. At the airfields, the parchment is weighed, recorded and stored in sheds until its time to ship.  This coffee has certainly taken quite a trip to land at your doorstep.  It even flew private ;)