Grinch , Don't Kill My Vibe

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Happy Monday is sending out good vibes in liquid form this holiday season.
Finca la Luisa is a traditional Colombian Coffee farm established around 1907. Located in Farallones del Citara, Ciudad Bolivar Antioquia, Colombia and with over 290 acres of coffee plantations, coffee from La Luisa is an exceptional offer & we are so lucky to share it with you. 
Colombia is a land of extremes. With vast rainforests, sprawling savannas, huge mountains and 2,900 kilometers of coastline on two oceans, this equatorial country is one of the more biologically diverse places on Earth. Colombia's incredible variety of microclimates also enables it to produce a significant volume of premium washed Arabica every month of the year. On the incredibly steep mountainsides in Nariño — one of three regions our team focuses on, along with Santander and Southwest Antioquia — handpicking ripe cherry has been likened to an extreme sport.
Country: Colombia
Farm: Finca la Luisa
Process: Washed
Tastes like Caramel, Cherry, Citrus, Milk Chocolate
Produced by Grupo La Luisa GLL 
Net Wt: 12oz 
*** Sold as whole bean by default. If you would like it ground, please make the selection.***